GEDLICH Racing - Trackdays
GEDLICH Racing - Trackdays
GEDLICH Racing - Trackdays
GEDLICH Racing - Trackdays


Your Ticket to Racing

Three trackday formats for your perfect driving day

Group Street: Maximum 40 cars!
Start in the Street group as a street driver or ambitious sports driver. Participation is not intended to achieve top speeds or best times. Participants of the Street group will not be detached from each other.

Group Race: Maximum 25 cars!
Optimal for race teams, active motorsport drivers and performance drivers. Test with low track volume. Street registration not necessary. Mutual exclusion of liability.

Book yourself into one of two groups. Group assignment is based on experience level and vehicle type. This way you will always find yourself in the starting group that suits you best. In addition, this makes the groups particularly homogeneous – for optimal driving conditions.

Open Pitlane Trackdays are held all day without groups. On this date, the number of starters is limited to a certain number, so you will find the best conditions all day long.

Only with us

  • Driver’s Dinner with the racers and coaches
  • Strictly limited number of vehicles, free driving with lots of driving time and flexible time management
  • 1:1 Coaching® bookable on request
  • Full-service organisation, pit café, joint driver’s lunch
  • Optional rental of sports or racing cars
  • Optional purchase of racing license (National, Level A)


Our new, very exclusive trackday format:
DRIVERS// the trackday series

  • THE trackday series with the best tracks during the summer season
  • Max. 25 street sports cars, max. 15 race cars, optimal conditions for sports drivers and motorsport teams
  • Organized transport and safekeeping of your sports car
  • We assist with your travel arrangements (hotel, flight, transfer, private plane, helicopter, etc.)
  • Tire service, parts supply, vehicle support at each event on site
  • Coaching support for group GTS already included in the entry fee (one coach for 4-5 participants on two days)
  • A second driver already included in the entry fee, further drivers can be booked additionally
  • In group GTR one pit place already included in the entry fee

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GEDLICH Racing - Trackdays

Sample sequence

Day before:

  • Hotel Checkin & Accreditation
  • Driver’s dinner with other racers and professional coaches

Training day:

  • Trackwalk and guide driving with our coaches, track knowledge
  • Free Driving, 1:1 Coaching®, Driver’s Lunch
  • Farewell, Outlook, Certificate
  • Purchase a racing license on request

Car insured?

  • Affordable Trackday Hull Insurance (from 399 €)
  • You determine your premium yourself by selecting the sum insured and SB
  • 10% special discount for 1:1 Coaching®. Please enter “with 1:1 Coaching” when booking.

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Cancellation charges? No, thank you!

  • Cancellation insurance for all our events
  • If desired, flat-rate coverage for all events of a year at a preferential price
  • Amazingly low premiums

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GEDLICH Racing - Trackdays

FAQs & Worth knowing

I booked via the booking form. What happens next?

Please transfer the total amount indicated on the booking form to our bank account.

IBAN DE84 5085 2553 0016 0905 57

Please state your name and the event in the intended purpose. Your place will only be secured and confirmed after receipt of payment. You will receive an invoice from us and further information in good time before the event.

What happens if I cannot attend the event unexpectedly?

We have various cancellation deadlines in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions (see Downloads). To protect yourself against cancellation payments, book cancellation insurance with our partner. See above on this page.

Is my car insured during the event?

Our Trackdays are sportive driving safety trainings, which are not advertised to achieve top speeds or best times. With many insurance companies, your insurance and comprehensive cover is fully maintained. Please inquire with your insurer.

If my insurance does not work, can I insure my car separately?

Yes, there is trackday comprehensive insurance. See above on this page.

Can I bring a companion, second driver or children who will also be on the track?

For second drivers or co-drivers (= guests) we have booking possibilities, please see our booking form. Children aged 16 and over are allowed on the route as co-drivers, provided that you, as parent, assume responsibility for this. We ask for a written waiver of liability at the accreditation/orga.

Does my vehicle have to be road legal in order to participate in the event?

Basically not. However, we recommend that you take out liability insurance for non-registered vehicles in order to cover the claims of other participants in the event of damage.

Do I need a helmet and a racing suit to participate in the event?

Our Trackdays are sportive driving safety trainings, which are not advertised to achieve top speeds or best times. A helmet is mandatory, but a racing suit is not, but is recommended. Helmets can be rented for 10 € on the day of the event. You may have to bring your own racing suit.

If I need service (tyres, brakes …), can I get it on site?

GEDLICH Racing offers technical support at many locations. You can see the respective partner on our Locations page.

If I need support in learning the track, can I book 1:1 Coaching® on site?

In principle, yes. We always try to keep some overcapacity on coaches. In order to avoid you not being able to enjoy the coaching or scope of your choice, please book in advance.

Can I spontaneously book a rental sports car on site?

In principle, yes. However, since most of our sports cars are booked in advance and are therefore heavily frequented, we ask you to make a fixed booking in advance.

Are there any noise limits during the events that could ensure that my car is excluded from the event?

Most routes have limited noise limits. However, our especially exclusive concept (few cars on the track) ensures that we don’t consume the noise quota as a rule. So far it has never happened during our events that we had to cancel an event prematurely or exclude a vehicle. If you are unsure about the emission of your vehicle, please write it in the comments field when booking and we will contact you for advice. More about this on our Locations pages.

Can I do a racing license at GEDLICH Racing Trackdays?

At most of our Trackdays we offer license courses for the acquisition of the national license level A. Please use the booking form.