Winter Series

The best Winter Racing Series at the best time of the year

The GEDLICH Racing Winter Series delivers the very best racing at the most beautiful locations in Europe. No other region on earth offers such a high density of FIA-grade race tracks with outstanding weather safety. On six race weekends, four race series offer pure racing action.

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The amateur driver gets his money’s worth just as much as the young driver who – by participating in the Formula 4 – wants to follow in the footsteps of the world champions. Also the GT4 Class is a perfect steppingstone to get yourself recommended for the world of GT Sports.

The GT Winter Series is THE pioneer series for winter racing. Already in its fifth season, it delivers six fabulous race weekends with three races each, exclusively for the “Big Guys” among the racing cars. With the GT4 Winter Series, the Formula Winter Series and the Prototype Winter Series, a package of events is on the starting line that offers racing series for everyone from upcoming stars to amateurs and professional drivers.
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NEW! Winter Series 2025 Brochure

The brochure for the 2025 season is here! Download it here and enjoy 40 pages full of information and interesting details about Europe’s best racing series from January to March in Portugal and Spain.


Included are the racing series GT Winter Series, GT4 Winter Series, Formula Winter Series and Prototype Winter Series