1:1 Coaching®

Managing Speed

The most efficient tuning is that of the driver. With our 1:1 Coaching® we systematically teach you how to drive professionally. You set your personal goals, we provide the methodology – so driving on the racetrack is even more fun!

Your personal wealth of experience is not decisive. Whether you are planning your first steps on the racetrack or want to get into active motor sports – we will accompany you on the way to your goals.

Don’t waste any time on the way to your goals!

Your most efficient driving day

In 1:1 Coaching®, we sit next to you so that you become better. We promise you: You will feel the effect already after one day of 1:1 Coaching®.

Arrange a trial appointment today and convince yourself of our quality and efficiency.

We coach you at the trackdays of most organizers!

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We will be happy to advise you on the best date and route or write your preferred date in the booking form.

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Gold, silver or bronze

All our coaches work according to the 1:1 Coaching® system and provide you with the same professional coaching service. The difference between the coaches lies in the range of vehicles and goals your coaching will aim at.

For example, a Gold Coach has outstanding skills and experience with Cup cars, GT3 racing cars and prototypes. A Silver Coach has a very good track record on a wide range of racing cars. And a bronze coach drove or drives his races mainly in national racing series.

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Book exactly as many coaches as you need

Book exactly as much coaching as you like. The prices for the different coaches are shown on the right.

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Compact Coaching – your efficient short workout

With our Compact Coaching you receive a taster coaching and experience how 1:1 Coaching® works. Or you can refresh your skills during a driving session. In any case, this short “workout” brings you more security, fun and speed. Our professional coach sits in your car for 45 minutes and then takes you on a 30-minute reflection round. Synchronous RN onboard video with data analysis and video on USB stick included.

1:1 Coaching Prices

1 day 1:1 Coaching®

GOLD Coach

1.790 €


1.590 €


1.390 €

1/2 day 1:1 Coaching®

GOLD Coach

940 €


830 €


710 €

Compact Coaching

1 Pilot exclusive

369 €

RCN Race 1:1 Coaching®

1 Pilot exclusive

1.090 €

All prices incl. VAT

Event dates & Booking

Your Coaching Formula for Performance & Security

  • Stocktaking by your trained 1:1 coach
  • Together we define your goals and milestones
  • Coaching modules adapted to your needs
  • Active coaching of your 1:1 coach
  • Reference laps as default
  • Data analysis with synchronous onboard video
  • Short review, target view, data and onboard video to take with you on USB stick

1:1 Coaching® Modules

In order for us to optimize your driving together with 1:1 Coaching®, the appropriate goals are particularly important. Our 1:1 Coaching® modules summarize goals, performance and evaluation criteria.

Simply choose your preferred 1:1 Coaching® module when booking and determine where your own development should go. Of course, we are also happy to combine several modules during one day.

Log your drive

  • Recording of your rounds and the reference rounds of your coach
  • Synchronous data recording and onboard video
  • Optimum reflection with maximum safety. You see immediately where you are already close to the limit and where there is still “air”.
  • Onboard video and data analysis will be provided for you to take home – optimal for the follow-up of the 1:1 Coachings® and for the preparation auf´s next time
  • We use and recommend Race Navigator ONE

3T – Train The Trainer

Cause we don’t let everyone get to you.

Our coaches trained according to the 3T system, all of them experienced racing drivers, work according to uniform methods of GEDLICH Racing. This guarantees you maximum efficiency and best learning success.

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FAQs & Worth knowing

I booked via the booking form. What happens next?

We will contact you personally and define the tailor-made 1:1 Coaching® in a consultation with you. Only then will the booking be finalised and charged to you.

What happens if I cannot attend the event unexpectedly?

We have various cancellation deadlines in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions (see Downloads). To protect yourself against cancellation payments, book cancellation insurance with our partner. See above on this page.

Do I need a thoroughbred sports car to do a 1:1 Coaching®?

No, 1:1 Coaching® can in principle be done with any vehicle. Since with 1:1 Coaching® it is not so much the sheer speed that counts as timing and motor skills, the vehicle is usually not the limiting factor.

Is my car insured during the event?

This depends on the trackday during which the 1:1 Coaching® takes place. Many Trackdays (and all Trackdays, which GEDLICH Racing organizes itself) are sportive driving safety trainings, which are not advertised to achieve top speeds or best times. With many insurance companies, your insurance and comprehensive cover is fully maintained. Please inquire with your insurer.

If my insurance does not work, can I insure my car separately?

Yes, there is trackday comprehensive insurance. See above on this page.

Does my vehicle have to be road legal to participate in the event?

Basically not. However, we recommend that you take out liability insurance for non-registered vehicles in order to cover the claims of other participants in the event of damage.

Is racing track experience a prerequisite for completing a 1:1 Coachings®?

No, 1:1 Coaching® makes sense at every stage of your own development. Newcomers do not make mistakes at an early stage.

Do I need a helmet and a racing suit to participate in the event?

Most trackdays are sportive driving safety trainings, which are not advertised to achieve top speeds or best times. A helmet is mandatory, but a racing suit is usually not, but is recommended. Helmets can be rented for €10 on the day of the event. Racing suits are to be brought along if necessary. Exception: Ascari, here is in principle race suit obligation.

Which coaches are at my disposal to choose my 1:1 Coachings®?

You can see an overview of all coaches on our page “Coaches”. You are welcome to include the coaches of your choice in the booking. We will try to consider your wishes. Alternatively, we can recommend the most suitable coach for achieving your personal goals.

Can I book 1:1 Coaching® on site spontaneously at the trackday?

At our own trackdays we always try to keep some overcapacity on coaches. In order to avoid that you do not enjoy your desired coaching or scope, please book in advance. For trackdays of other organizers we always ask for a fixed booking in advance.

Can I book a rental sports car for 1:1 Coaching®?

Of course you can rent one of our rental sports cars to carry out the 1:1 Coaching®. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the optimal vehicle for your purpose.