The big classic

The Hockenheimring is internationally one of the most famous race tracks. Located not far from the tourist magnet Heidelberg, it is easily accessible from anywhere in Germany.

Its 4.5 km are built according to the latest safety standards with large asphalt run-off zones. Particularly chracteristic is its extreme alternation between super-fast passages and tight, angular combinations with high technical demands.

In the process, the Hockenheimring was created after World War 2 from an oval consisting of a city curve and an east curve. This basic characteristic remained until 2002, before the then “big course” was converted into today’s “GP course”.

Track Facts

  • 4,5 km
  • 17 corners
  • Track width min. 15 m
  • Motorsport-series: GT Masters, Formel 1, DTM
  • Characteristics: very fast and very slow in the mix, extremely technical
  • Main use: racing events, trackdays, industry
GEDLICH Racing - Trackdays - Racetrack Hockenheimring

FAQs & Things to know

What does “start in one group / start in two groups” mean?

At our trackdays we divide the vehicles into two groups (blue/red). From experience, we select the participants according to their level of experience and vehicle performance. Both groups change every 45 minutes.

Can I acquire a racing license as part of the track day?

The acquisition of the national racing license level A is possible at selected dates. Please use the booking form for this purpose.

Can I deliver my vehicle the day before and leave my trailer on the premises?

No problem. Please coordinate the time of delivery with our team. You can leave the trailer in the track area overnight.

Is there a possibility to refuel on site?

A gas station is available on the grounds of the Hockenheimring. It works exclusively with the common cards as well as PIN.

If I need service (tires, brakes …), can I get it on site?

At the Hockenheimring we have a service partner for work on your vehicle on site (pit area). If you need parts (tires, brakes…), please inform us in advance.

Is there an opportunity to purchase photos on site?

Our partner photographer is on-site for many appointments and offers his images at affordable pricing models.

Is food included in the trackday price?

Catering on the day of the event is not included.