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Welcome to the world of Trackdays and Racing

Experience with us the feeling of being a real racer. Whether you’re a newcomer to road racing or already have racing experience, our excellent trackdays in Germany and Spain offer you the best track conditions and special service.

With the optional 1:1 Coaching® we show you how to drive even better and safer. And not only at our own trackdays, because our professional coaches also look after you at every other event.

Come with us and be a thoroughbred racer, just like us.

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    Endless Summer® Season 2021/2022

    Start your engine!

    December 04, 2021 marks the start of the Endless Summer® Season 2022. Book now and be part of it!

    At Ascari and 6 other tracks near the southernmost point of Europe, they turn laps, engage in serious motorsports or just have fun driving sporty cars on the track.

    Their families usually join them, because racing is by no means the only thing on the agenda.

    Come with us and experience for yourself the privileged feeling of driving under the Spanish sun while others remain in hibernation.


    You can find all the info about Endless Summer® here >>.

    DRIVERS// the trackday series

    DRIVERS// The Trackday Series is not just any trackday series – DRIVERS// is THE international trackday series for hobby racers, amateurs and professionals.

    Regularly and at the most beautiful time of year, a select community meets to race at the most beautiful locations. You decide for yourself whether you integrate into the environment of the road vehicles (group GTS) or in the phalanx of racing vehicles (group GTR). In any case, you will enjoy a limited number of vehicles, the very best conditions and an all-round service that only very few racing events offer.

    The fact that the coach is already included in GTS increases driving fun and safety on the legendary tracks. In addition, you can rely on the fact that we allow a maximum of 25 cars on the track. GTR, on the other hand, is ideal for racers with real racing cars or professional motorsport teams for extensive tests (no more than 15 racing cars), because DRIVERS// always takes place over two days.

    We are already looking forward to seeing you and wish you lots of anticipation for the best locations and most exclusive trackdays.

    All info about DRIVERS// The Trackday Series can be found here”.

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