Bilster Berg


The Bilster Berg Drive Resort is the most exclusive driving facility in Germany. Built in 2013, the site is owned by a select community of over 170 shareholders. The track was built on the site of a former ammunition depot, from which halls and access roads were taken over.

The track, built by Hermann Tilke, is characterized by steep inclines and declines. To be precise, there is not a single flat spot on it. Thanks to this spectacular track layout and multiple setup variants, the track is often used for presentations and test drives in addition to trackdays.

Vehicle types and liability

Road and racing vehicles are admitted. Racing vehicles must be equipped with liability insurance. The liability of the drivers among themselves is not excluded.

The event is a driver training and is not intended to achieve best times.

Noise quota

As with all German race tracks, there are noise limits at the Bilster Berg Drive Resort, which operate on the principle of contingency.

As organizers of exclusive trackdays, we follow the concept of few cars on the track for optimal driving fun and are therefore relatively little affected by the noise quotas.

We advise you during the trackday how to move your car in a way that your noise emission contributes the least to the noise contingent. And without any loss of driving pleasure.

In principle, we do not exclude any vehicle. Please contact us personally in individual cases, we will be happy to advise you.

Track Facts

  • 4,2 km long
  • 19 curves
  • Max. incline 21%
  • Max. decline 26%
  • Elevation difference 70 m
  • Built 2013 by H.Tilke
  • Total budget: 34 Mio. €
  • Characteristics: technical, smooth curves, uphill and downhill, blind curves.
  • Main use: presentations, trackdays, test drives
GEDLICH Racing - Ringhotel Germanenhof

Ringhotel Germanenhof

Located in the Eggegebirge Nature Park between the foothills of the Teutoburg Forest, you can enjoy the tranquillity of nature in Sandebeck – and the culinary finesse of the Seidensticker family.

For over 30 years, the family has passionately run the ***Superior Ringhotel Germanenhof as a charming private hotel with a personal atmosphere.

The Germanenhof combines cosy Westphalian originality and modern accents to create an arc of tension between tradition and trend.

The originality and warmth of high-quality natural materials give the Ringhotel Germanenhof its unmistakable character.

Ringhotel Germanenhof
Teutoburger-Wald-Str. 29
32839 Steinheim-Sandebeck
Tel. +49 5238 / 9890-0

GEDLICH Racing - Trackdays Bilster Berg

FAQs & things to know

How do I make a binding booking for the trackday?

In the booking form, after entering your data and additional options, click on the button “Book”. We will contact you immediately with the confirmation of the booking.

What does “start in one group / start in two groups” mean?

At our trackdays we always divide the vehicles into two groups (blue/red). From experience, we select the participants according to their level of experience and vehicle performance. Both groups change every 45 minutes. You have the choice whether you start in one or both groups.

Can I acquire a racing license as part of the track day?

The acquisition of the national racing license level A is possible at selected dates. Please use the booking form for this purpose.

Can I deliver my vehicle the day before and leave my trailer on the premises?

No problem. Please coordinate the time of delivery with our team. You can leave the trailer overnight in the locked and guarded resort.

Is there a possibility to refuel on site?

At the beginning of the pit lane of the Bilster Berg Drive Resort there is a gas station. It works exclusively with the common cards as well as PIN. Since this is not quite cheap, we recommend arriving with a full tank already.

If I need service (tires, brakes …), can I get it on site?

GEDLICH Racing offers technical support at almost all locations. At Bilster Berg, this is the company Classic & Speed.

Is there an opportunity to purchase photos on site?

Yes, our partner and motorsport photographer is on site at all dates and offers his pictures at affordable price models.

Is the food included in the trackday price?

Small catering in the pit café is included. Drinks as well as the driver’s lunch and dinner the day before are self-paying.