Coaching Modules

Our modules in 1:1 Coaching®

With the perfect target for better driving. So that we can optimize your driving together with 1:1 Coaching®, the appropriate goals are particularly important. Our 1:1 Coaching® modules summarize goals, performance and evaluation criteria.

Simply choose your preferred 1:1 Coaching® module when booking and determine where your own development should go. Of course, we are also happy to combine several modules during one day.

Full day, half day, Compact Coaching?

A question of personal resources. Our 1:1 Coaching® can extend over different periods of time. The length you choose depends on your personal daily plan, your goals and your resources.

Optimal for your driving development is the supervision by one of our professional coaches over a whole day. In this way you can concentrate calmly and with maximum focus on optimising your driving skills.

The booking “1/2 day” is very popular. We try to organise this in such a way that you are not coached for half a day, but share a whole day with another pilot. This is especially efficient because you get input over a whole day and you share reflection phases with your “co”.

Our Compact Coaching is the ideal dose for all those who want a concentrated, short refresh on an already known route or a quick introduction to a still unknown route.

1:1 Coaching® Modules

Status Quo

In the “Status Quo” module, we determine where you stand. Your 1:1 coach determines your current status in all relevant criteria and evaluates it,

You will learn exactly in which areas you are already at a high level and where there is still potential for optimisation. During this 1:1 Coaching® module, your coach will, of course, give you valuable tips for your first optimizations as well as recommendations for your further progress.

“Status Quo” is a must for all newcomers or re-entrants. Also ideal for a season start after a long winter break.

Basics & Line

The right line is essential for your driving on the racetrack. Without it, neither safe nor fast driving is possible.

At “Basics & Line” your 1:1 coach with a lot of experience from motorsport will teach you the optimal line on the respective track and give you valuable recommendations for the basics of dynamic driving.

The program includes criteria such as the correct gear selection and shifting as well as the reproduction of the line and cornering in curves at different speed levels.

Brakes & Corners entrance

The cornering entrance is an essential key to fast and safe driving on the racetrack. What you lose up to the apex of riding quality is difficult to recover afterwards.

We use specially developed methods to teach you how to choose the right braking point and how to brake in such a way that your car remains stable. In addition, our coach will teach you how to brake into the bend and find the right speed for the bend.

This module is THE key to a perfect driving style for newcomers and experienced drivers alike.

Dynamics & Control

Anyone who moves on the racetrack usually wants to do so dynamically, but also in a controlled manner.

We tell you exactly how good your vehicle control is and give you tips on how to improve it and how to stay away from critical situations.

In addition, your experienced 1:1 coach will give you valuable tips on how to keep an overview and orientation in all situations. Last but not least, there are tips on how to maintain your fitness and concentration during an entire day’s driving.


The ultimate 1:1 Coaching® module for performers.

Whether you want to race yourself and mobilize the last tenths or just make sure you’re the fastest. At “Laptime”, our 1:1 coach takes care of one thing above all else: your speed.

To be fast, you need one thing above all else: control in perfection. Together with you, we take care of every detail and always keep an eye on your lap time.


The 1:1 Coaching® module “Perfection” illuminates all criteria of your driving.

The ideal coaching for experienced pilots who know that you can only drive perfectly if you take care of every detail. During the module “Perfection” we evaluate all relevant criteria of your driving style and optimize them immediately together with you through targeted 1:1 Coaching®.

On the way to optimal driving, you should not lose focus on perfection at any stage.


For ambitious track drivers who want to get into motorsport and do so safely and skilfully.

We will teach you how to get an optimal start, move skillfully in traffic, use slipstreams and overtake perfectly. We will also prepare you for organisational details and the motorsport regulations and train you how to deal with internal team procedures.

With us, you will be physically fit and well prepared in terms of content and mentality for your first race.

GEDLICH Racing - Nürburgring Nordschleifentraining - Nürburg

1:1 Coaching® Modules Nordschleife

The Nordschleife is the most beautiful and difficult race track in the world. It demands everything from the driver, it is inexhaustibly complex and it requires very special skills to drive it quickly and safely.

Our 1:1 Coaching® modules for the Nordschleife are specially designed to take you through the “Green Hell”. This includes special communication structures as well as highly efficient tools for visualizing the perfect line.

Our 1:1 coaches are experienced Nordschleife pilots who know exactly where to make up lap time without losing any of their safety.

Our Nordschleifen modules are the most specialised coaching on the market. All with one goal: Your perfect lap on the most beautiful track in the world.

Nordschleife Line

83 curves and 20.8 km demand everything from the driver. The line is THE key to the perfection of the Nordschleife lap.

We show you the perfect line on the Nordschleife with our particularly efficient visualisation tools, but above all with your coach’s racing experience.

In addition to the sheer line, we give you valuable tips on the special features of the course. The agenda includes hilltops and depressions as well as pavement changes or kerbstones.

Benefit from our years of experience from long-distance championships and 24-hour races.

Nordschleife Laptime

Performing on the Nordschleife is a very special challenge.

Together with you, we analyse exactly where you still have potential for improvement and where you are already well on your way. The whole thing happens especially during the comparison of your laps with the reference of your 1:1 coach. The analysis of the data collected during the rounds is particularly relevant.

“Nordschleife Laptime” takes you to the top as a racer or top performer – for sure.


The Circuit Challenge Nürburgring (RCN) is the perfect introduction to racing on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. In a mix of uniformity and speed you experience real racing combined with the safety of a trackday.

We sit next to you during an RCN race and deliver pure 1:1 Coaching®. We also prepare you for your task in a specially developed colloquium. During the RCN run, we help you to keep track of the procedures (betting laps, confirmation laps, speed laps…) and work with you to ensure dynamism and safety.

After the race, there is a detailed reflection that reflects what you have experienced as well as the collected data.

Our 1:1 Coaching® module “RCN” is the safest introduction to motorsport at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.