3T – Train The Trainer

Educated Coaches

Our coaches are experienced racing drivers and move cars quickly and safely. But that alone is not enough for us.

They are trained according to our “System 3T”. Before a coach can be booked by you, he will be made fit for 1:1 Coaching® through a training series.

Because where it says GEDLICH Racing on it, there is also GEDLICH Racing – promised!

3T – Train The Trainer

3T (or TTT) means “Train The Trainer” and describes the profound training of the GEDLICH Racing Coaches.

The coaches are prepared for their task in several training levels.

Because we don’t let everyone get to you.

We learn from the best – for your coaching success

The speakers

  • Georg Holzach: TV presenter (PRO7, HR) and coach for media presentation, communication and moderation
  • Dieter W. Kaiser: Management Consultant and Coach for Communication, Corporate Strategy and Development 3T
  • Markus Gedlich: Managing Director and Coach for Basics and Business, Data Technology, Coaching Simulation, Coaching Communication and Strategy
  • Nico Bastian: 1:1 Coach and 3T-Coach for Data Technology
  • Arne Hoffmeister: 1:1 coach and 3T coach for coaching simulation

Advantages – Train The Trainer brings it

  • Training by experts – how to turn racing drivers into 1:1 coaches
  • You will always meet a top coach – thanks to our quality management system
  • No matter with which coach – you will recognize our unified system
  • Coach change no problem, thanks to professional handover

We know how

Cause we don't let everyone get to you

In over half a dozen seminar programs and several training levels, we prepare our coaches for assignments on the racetrack with you.

Efficiency is the key factor in 1:1 Coaching®. Only with our standardized methodology do our coaches transfer their knowledge in a concentrated and targeted way. We make sure of that.

Basics & Business

Knowing what’s going on

Business model, customer profiles, requirements. With Markus Gedlich.

Our coaches learn to understand our business, our pilots and the requirements, because only when we know you as our pilot do we know your true needs.


So that we understand you

Communication seminar (I, II, II) in 1:1 Coaching® with TV presenter Georg Holzach and communication trainer Dieter W. Kaiser.

Our coaches learn how to deal with language and how to use it in 1:1 Coaching®. Because only those who can communicate will be understood by you and vice versa.


The “dry run” of the 3T system

Newcomers and advanced participants regularly practice the GEDLICH Racing standardized procedures in 1:1 Coaching®. Target definition, driving under commands and debriefing – we teach and train it.

Only those who can do this will satisfy you as a demanding pilot.

Data technology

Measure, do not estimate

Data acquisition, analysis and interpretation. With Nico Bastian and Markus Gedlich.

What we observe while driving is documented and shown. This requires the right data technology and solid knowledge of analysis and interpretation.

GEDLICH Racing uses and recommends Race Navigator ONE.

Track competence

Each is different

Track customer and track-specific 1:1 Coaching®. With Markus Gedlich.

Each route has its own characteristics. Our coaches are on a uniform stand for all routes and show the same lines and characteristics. For optimal recognition and smooth change from coach to coach.


We look

Our freshly-baked coach will train with the experienced.

He looks over the master’s shoulder and vice versa. As a pilot you can be sure that even young coaches have enough experience in 1:1 Coaching®.