10. May 2024 | News

NEW: Unique workshop for the Nordschleife

Expert seminar for the Nordschleife

GEDLICH Racing is known as a provider of particularly high-quality Nordschleife training courses. Each course includes a workshop the evening before, which addresses the specific needs of the training participants and covers the relevant sections of the circuit in detail. Now the provider is going one step further.

The seminar will be led by Markus Gedlich, who can not only look back on titles, international records and Nordschleife victories, but is also the inventor of 1:1 Coaching®, which forms the basis for the Nordschleife workshop. Markus Gedlich will also be available for personal discussions and counselling after the training.

Registrations are now being accepted, the workshop runs from 11:00 – 16:30 and costs € 299 incl. VAT.

For all people, participating in one of a GEDLICH Racing Nordschleifentraining in 2024 attending the seminar is free of charge.

Markus Gedlich will also be available to answer questions in advance.

“There will be a full-day Nordschleife workshop for those who want to know exactly what to do and reach the next level of Nordschleife driving”, says Markus Gedlich, CEO of GEDLICH Racing. “We have a solution for every section of the track and ‘give’ the Nordschleife enthusiasts the tools they need to master the ‘Green Hell’ safely and quickly”. The workshop will take place on 23 June at the Agnesenhof Hotel near the Nürburgring, the day before GEDLICH Racing’s Nordschleife training.

Gedlich emphasizes that the workshop is aimed at anyone who has driven at least a few laps on the Nordschleife. “We teach everyone, from the almost-novice to the semi-professional, because we break down the racing line of the Green Hell down to the smallest detail and work through every meter using aerial photos, reference points and videos. After the workshop, which includes extensive reflection and Q&A sessions in addition to the presentation, hardly any questions about the Nordschleife remain unanswered. You can drive it ‘off the top of your head’ based on what you have learnt and now have the ultimate tools for optimum driving. We don’t just provide theory, but a professional-level reflection on the most beautiful driving in the world. We are the only ones in the world who can offer a workshop like this”.

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(This seminar will only be in German)