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You have never seen so much racing

Enjoying Endless Summer® gives you the true feeling of being privileged. And Endless Summer® is less expensive than you might think.

This applies not only to the participation fees for our trackdays (which, by the way, already include your first-class catering), but also to all additional services. So you rent vehicles cheaper than at German Trackdays, because transport costs and separate personnel orders are omitted. Everything is ready for you on site.

Endless Summer® Prices

The prices are for both days. First class catering is included with the booking of the Endless Summer® Trackday participation.

Trackday participation with one vehicle (both days)

2.990 €

Additional driver on a registered vehicle (per day)

590 €

Guests / Co-Drivers

139 €

Transport per vehicle

from 2.800 €

Entire pit garage, two days

from 500 €

Hibernation / Garage

850 €

Official Technical Support Technical support for your vehicle per day

259 €

Racing license

599 €

The offer is aimed exclusively at commercial customers. All prices are net prices plus VAT.

Dates currently in preparation

How to Book

1. Dates

Whenever you like

Choose your desired dates from our incomparable selection of dates. Since we always strictly limit the number of vehicles allowed for optimal driving conditions, we ask for early booking.

Info & Contact

Do you have any questions about booking, need help planning your Endless Summer® stay or choosing the best vehicle for you? Call or write us, we will be happy to advise you.

+49 69 900 28 429

2. Car

Option 1 – Your sports car at Endless Summer®.

Your best piece hibernates at a pleasant temperature in the Ascari “Car-Humidor”. 24-hour security and Ascari insurance ensure safety. We take care of the transport there and back as well as maintenance, parts supply, care and servicing. You are welcome to leave your driver’s equipment and vehicle parts in your personal locker at your parking space.

Option 2 – Rent a Racecar

Rent a sports car or a racing car from our partners. Enjoy the freedom to just try any bolide you like. Be looked after by experienced race mechanics and always find a perfectly prepared car.

We will be happy to advise you on the choice of the optimal operational vehicle for you.

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3. 1:1 Coaching®

Managing Speed

For even more fun with sporty driving and optimal safety, book our optional 1:1 Coaching® on all Endless Summer® tracks. You determine the date and scope yourself with the same flexibility as with a booking in Germany.


The prices for 1:1 Coaching® at Endless Summer® are only moderately higher than during the German season. This already includes all travel, transfer, accommodation and food costs for your coach. In addition, if you book one of our coaches, we will waive the “second driver” fee. There are no further costs for you!

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4. Travel planning

We bring you there

Effortlessly you get to Endless Summer®. We take care of your optimal flight connection, book rental cars and hotels for you and organize your leisure program. In addition, we hold contingents at all locations at particularly attractive conditions as well as free upgrades. Trust in our experience and tell us your wishes. We will take care of it.

Private aircraft and helicopter transfers

In addition, our partners have amazingly attractive rates for private aircraft and helicopter transfers. See our partner pages for this, you will be surprised!

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