Racing und Alpenidylle

The Alpine circuit is characterised by its ultra-fast full-throttle sections and, of course, the famous “Memphis” bend, one of the fastest right-hand bends on sprint circuits in the world.

The Salzburgring is also famous for its Wiener Schnitzel, which is of course also available at our trackday in the track restaurant.

After driving, a visit to Lake Fuschl is a good idea. All is still right with the world here. Our tip: be sure to extend your stay and visit Salzburg and the surrounding villages and lakes. And of course “Hangar 7”, the Red Bull event location, situated directly at Salzburg Airport.

Track Facts

  • 4.2 km long
  • 12 bends (6 right, 6 left)
  • Track width min. 10 m
  • Max. Gradient 3.8%
  • Max. Gradient 1.8%
  • Height difference 25 m
  • Height above sea level approx. 650 m
  • Motorsport series: STW, DTM, Alpine Cup, national series
  • Characteristics: ultra-fast, fluid cornering, unique ambience
  • Main use: presentations, trackdays, racing events
GEDLICH Racing - Trackdays Racetrack Salzburgring

FAQs & things to know

What does “start in one group / start in two groups” mean?

At our trackdays, we always divide the vehicles into two groups (blue/red). We select the participants according to their level of experience and vehicle performance. Both groups change every 45 minutes.

Can I acquire a racing licence as part of the trackday?

The acquisition of the national racing licence level A is possible on selected dates. Please use the booking form for this.

Can I deliver my vehicle the day before and leave my trailer on the premises?

No problem. Please coordinate the time of delivery with our team. You can leave the trailer in the track area overnight.

Is there a possibility to refuel on site?

There is a petrol station on the grounds of the Salzburgring. It only works with the usual cards and PIN.

If I need service (tyres, brakes …), can I get it on site?

We have a service partner at the Salzburgring for work on your vehicle on site (pit area). If you need parts (tyres, brakes…), please let us know in advance.

Is it possible to purchase photos on site?

Our partner photographer is on site for many appointments and offers his photos at affordable prices.

Is food included in the trackday price?

Catering on the day of the event is not included. However, the track restaurant offers hearty regional specialities at reasonable prices. We recommend the Wiener Schnitzel!