Did you know that the history of the Sachsenring is as old as that of the Nürburgring? It was used as a race track for the first time as early as 1927, at that time still as a derivative of the public country road.

It gave the GDR an outstanding position in motor sports, because until the seventies, motorcycle world championship races were held here, western and eastern world raced together.

The high number of spectators from back then has continued into modern times, and the Sachsenring still serves as an annual venue for the Moto GP.

In addition to international racing series such as STW, DTM and GT Masters, the multifunctional facility is mainly used for driver safety training and motorcycle training.

With us you will experience one of the few sports car trackdays at the Sachsenring.

Road and race cars will be admitted. Race cars must be equipped with liability insurance. Red license plates are allowed. Drivers will not be liable among themselves. The event is a driver training and is not intended to achieve best times.


  • Track length 3,671 km
  • 14 curves (11 left, 3 right)
  • Architect: Hermann Tilke
  • Motorsports: Moto GP, ADAC GT Masters, IDM
GEDLICH Racing - Trackdays Racetrack Sachsenring

FAQs & Things to know

What happens if I cannot attend the event unexpectedly?

We have different cancellation periods according to our GTC (see downloads). To protect yourself from cancellation payments, book cancellation insurance with our partner. See further up on this page.

Is my car insured during the event?

Our trackdays are sporty driving safety training sessions that are not advertised to achieve top speeds or best times. With many insurance companies, your insurance and comprehensive cover remains fully intact. Please check with your insurer.

If my insurance doesn’t play ball, can I insure my car separately?

Yes, there is dedicated trackday casco insurance. See further up on this page.

Can I bring company, second riders or children to go on the track as well?

For second drivers or co-drivers (= guests) we have booking options, please see our booking form. Children are allowed from 16 years as a co-driver on the track, if you as a parent take responsibility for it. We ask for a written waiver of liability for this at the accreditation/orga.

Does my vehicle have to be street legal to participate in the event?

Basically not. However, we recommend that you take out liability insurance for unregistered vehicles to cover claims from other participants in the event of damage.

Do I need a helmet and a race suit to participate in the event?

Our trackdays are sporty driving safety training sessions that are not advertised to achieve top speeds or best times. A helmet is mandatory, but a racing suit is not, but recommended. Helmets can be rented from us on the day of the event for 10 €. You may have to bring your own racing suit.

If I need service (tires, brakes …), can I get it on site?

GEDLICH Racing offers technical support at many locations. Please see our locations page for the respective partner.

If I need assistance learning the course, can I add on-site 1:1 Coaching®?

In principle, yes. We always try to keep some overcapacity of coaches available. In order to avoid that you do not get to enjoy your desired coaching or scope, we ask you to make a fixed booking in advance, if possible.

Can I book a rental sports car spontaneously on site?

In principle, yes, but since most of our sports cars are booked in advance and are therefore very busy, we ask for fixed booking in advance.

Are there noise limits during the events that could cause my car to be excluded from the event?

Most tracks have limited noise quotas. However, our particularly exclusive concept (few cars on the track) ensures that we do not usually use up the noise quota. So far, it has never happened during our events that we had to stop an event prematurely or exclude a vehicle. If you are unsure about the emission of your vehicle, please write it in the remark field when booking and we will contact you for a consultation. See more on our locations pages.

Can I get a racing license at GEDLICH Racing  Trackdays?

At most of our trackdays we offer license courses for the acquisition of the national license level A. Please use the booking form for this.