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GEDLICH Racing Trackdays in 2024

Trackdays 2024 - Book now!

GEDLICH Racing is setting new standards for trackdays in the 2024 season and offering motorsport enthusiasts an unrivalled variety of dates at various exclusive race tracks. A particular highlight of this season is the scheduling of all trackdays at Bilster Berg on Saturdays – a first in the motorsport scene that allows participants to live out their passion for racing without compromising their weekend plans.

Each event is characterised by the opportunity to book 1:1 coaching from experienced professionals, which helps participants to improve their skills on the track and enjoy an even more intense driving experience. GEDLICH Racing not only stands for first-class conditions on the track, but also for a spirit of partnership and respect among the participants.

The offer ranges from exclusive driving experiences on the Bilster Berg to the legendary Hockenheimring and the challenging Nordschleife, whereby racing cars are also permitted at all events (except the Nordschleife). With limited numbers of vehicles and a full-service concept ranging from driver’s dinners with racers and coaches to optional racing licence training, GEDLICH Racing guarantees maximum driving time and enjoyment for every motorsport fan.

Track days 2024

13 APR 2024 – Track day Bilster Berg
23 APR 2024 – Track day Hockenheimring

13 MAI 2024 – Track day Nordschleife

15 JUN 2024 – Track day Bilster Berg

22 JUL 2024 – Track day Nordschleife

07 SEP 2024 – Track day Bilster Berg
30 SEP 2024 – Track day Nordschleife

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