Tradition and speed

Monza is THE center of motorsports in Italy. Even today you can see the steep curve that once characterized the track. The character of Monza is unbroken – still the Formula 1 track lives from long straights, fast chicanes and technical combinations like Lesmo or Ascari chicane.

Everyone should have driven at Monza once in their life!


track facts

  • 5.793 km long
  • 11 curves (7 right, 4 left)
  • track width min. 12 m, max. 22 m
  • Motorsport series: Formula 1, DTM, endurance and GT series
  • Characteristics: ultra-fast, very technical
  • Main use: racing events, trackdays
  • Lap record: 1:21.046, Rubens Barichello, Formula 1 2004

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