GEDLICH Racing - Legendary Racetrack Monza
GEDLICH Racing - Legendary Racetrack Monza


Tradition and speed

Monza is THE center of motorsports in Italy. Even today you can see the steep curve that once characterized the track. The character of Monza is unbroken – still the Formula 1 track lives from long straights, fast chicanes and technical combinations like Lesmo or Ascari chicane.

Everyone should have driven at Monza once in their life!


track facts

  • 5.793 km long
  • 11 curves (7 right, 4 left)
  • track width min. 12 m, max. 22 m
  • Motorsport series: Formula 1, DTM, endurance and GT series
  • Characteristics: ultra-fast, very technical
  • Main use: racing events, trackdays
  • Lap record: 1:21.046, Rubens Barichello, Formula 1 2004

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