Balaton Park Circuit

Europe's newest top-tier race track

Balaton Park Circuit is bidding to be Hungary’s second permanent circuit to break through onto the international motorsport stage and is planned and constructed according to the highest safety standards and regulations and is fully equipped with ‘Tecpro’ barriers (no tire walls).

The track was designed by Hungarian engineer Ferenc Gulacsi, who set three key principals for its design; safety, driver challenge and sustainability. It certainly meets the first criterion, being built in accordance with the highest standards laid down by the FIA and FIM.

Located in a popular tourist area near Balaton Lake, 90km south west of capital city Budapest, the circuit has been built to FIA Grade 1 standards, though initially is seeking only homologation at Grade 2 level.

The track boasts grandstands that seat 10,000 that can be supplemented with bleachers to give a total capacity of up to 120,000 spectators. With an on-site 145-room four star hotel overlooking the circuit, the facility is certainly providing international promoters with a venue that is worthy of attention.

What does open pitlane or start in two groups mean?

At our trackdays and race tests we either drive open pitlane, which means that there’s „free“ driving throughout the whole day, or we divide the participating vehicles into groups. For instance when formula cars and GT-cars are both participating the event. These types of vehicles are not able to drive at the same racetrack at the same time.

Can I acquire a racing license as part of the track day?

The acquisition of the national racing license level A is possible at selected dates. Please use the booking form for this purpose.

Can we enter the racetrack premises and paddock to deliver the participating vehicle(s) the day before and leave my trailer or truck on the paddock?

Yes you can. The day before the event takes place is the arrival day, where we also have the accreditation for the teams and drivers planned. You will find all the information you need in the event guide in our GEDLICH Racing mobile app.

Will there be timekeeping at the race track?

We provide timekeeping in cooperation with either the racetrack itself or a third party timekeeping service in order to provide the teams and participants to track their cars and make the most out of testing.

Is there a possibility to refuel on site?

Most racetracks have petrol stations available on site. If you are not sure if you can bring or have to order fuel for your vehicle(s), contact us as soon as possible and we will take care of the matter. You will also find all the information you need in the event guide in our GEDLICH Racing mobile app.

Will there be photographers on site?

Photographers are not necessarily on site at our Race Test events. However, we do invite and welcome photographers to take pictures during the events. It is also allowed to bring a photographer to the event yourself.

Is the catering during the event included?

Please ask us about the catering on site during the Race Test event at the Balaton Park Circuit. You will also find all the information you need in the event guide in our GEDLICH Racing mobile app.