GEDLICH Racing - Car Control Training
GEDLICH Racing - Car Control Training

Sachsenring Car Control

GEDLICH Racing - Car Control Training


  • Learn reflexes you hope you never need
  • Theory workshop, training and track sections build on each other
  • 2 pilots share one car
  • If you wish you can occupy one car alone, simply book two places
  • Drift vehicle, fuel, insurance included
  • Driver’s dinner the night before with the coach and other racers

Only with us

  • Supervision by 2 coaches
  • Extremely high asphalt content
  • Extra free riding
  • 1:1 Coaching® included

Example flow


  • Theoretical briefing
  • Hydraulic skid plate, circular track watered, lane change, 800 meters drift circuit with sliding surface


  • Sections drifting on the watered Sachsenring: Omega, Coca-Cola curve
  • Free drifting on the whole track
  • Farewell, final tips, certificates

Cancellation fees?

No, thank you!

  • Cancellation insurance for all our events
  • If desired, blanket coverage for all events in a year at a preferential rate
  • Astonishingly affordable premiums

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Car insured?

Get trackday hull!

  • Affordable trackday hull insurance (from €399)
  • You determine your own premium by choosing the sum insured and the deductible.
  • 10% special discount with 1:1 Coaching®. Please enter note “with 1:1 Coaching”.


GEDLICH Racing - Car Control Training


I have booked via the booking form. What happens now?

Please transfer the total amount specified in the booking to our account
IBAN DE84508525530016090557

In the reason for payment please indicate your name and the event. Only after receipt of payment your place is secured and confirmed. You will receive an invoice from us as well as further information in time before the event.

What happens if I unexpectedly can not participate in the event?.

We have different cancellation deadlines according to our GTC (see downloads). To protect yourself from cancellation payments, book cancellation insurance with our partner. See further up on this page.

Can I participate with my own car instead of the provided vehicles?

Of course you can. To do so, simply select the option “own car” when booking. You will be credited 150 € for not using the provided drift vehicles. Please note that this is only possible in conjunction with “vehicle sole use”, because by integrating with your own vehicle you take up two seats (and do not share your own car with another pilot).

The option “own car” is not possible on Sundays!

Is my car insured during the event?

If you drive one of our provided cars, the insurance is included (SB 2.500 €). Our Car Control Trainings are sportive driving safety trainings, which are not advertised to achieve top speeds or best times. With many insurance companies your insurance and comprehensive cover remains fully intact. Please check with your insurance provider.

If my insurance does not play along, can I insure my car separately?.

Yes, there are separate trackday casco insurances. See further up on this page.

Worth knowing

Can I bring company, second drivers or children, who also go with me on the track?

For second drivers or co-drivers (= guests) we have booking options, please see our booking form. Children are allowed from 16 years as a co-driver on the track, if you as a parent take responsibility for it. We ask for a written waiver of liability for this, to be handed in at the accreditation/orga.

Is there an official program the evening before the training?.

I.d.R. the racers and one of the coaches meet for a joint Driver’s Dinner. Meeting place is 20 o’clock in the lobby of the Hotel Drei Schwanen. The Drei Schwanen offers a reasonably priced half board with dinner menu, but there are also smaller restaurants in the area.

Do I need a helmet and a racing suit to participate in the event?.

Our Car Control Trainings are sportive driving safety trainings, which are not advertised to achieve top speeds or best times. Helmets and racing suits are not mandatory on the day.

Are there noise limits during the events that could cause my car to be excluded from the event?

The Sachsenring has limited noise quotas. However, our particularly exclusive concept (few cars on the track) ensures that we do not consume the noise quota i.d.R.. So far it has never happened during our events that we had to stop an event prematurely or had to exclude a vehicle. If you are unsure about your vehicle’s emissions, please write it in the comments field when booking and we will get back to you for a consultation.

Does my vehicle have to be street legal to participate in the event?.

Generally, no. However, we recommend that you take out liability insurance for non-registered vehicles to cover claims from other participants in the event of damage.